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Penuel Lungelo Mlotshwa

God Penuel was born Penuel Lungelo Mlotshwa in Madadeni Township, Newcastle in March 1986. He matriculated from Newcastle High School (after attending Chelmsford Primary, Newcastle Junior Primary, Newcastle Senior Primary).

God Penuel is currently focused as a speaker, author & general advisor. He has a good following on Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube, where he posts videos daily about current affairs, finance, parenting, and other important trending societal topics. Many of these videos reach between 10,000 and 150,000 views.

He is the author of 13 books: 3 fictional books, 3 business books, 5 diary books, 1 parenting book & a book on Penuelism Principles.

He also advises various people daily, physically and online… helping them navigate life, love, money & business. God Penuel also travels around South Africa to speak to stokvel groups, families, schools, business employees and other groups that seek his knowledge and unique perspectives on the world.

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