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How ‘Life with Lebang’ Connects and Heals New Parents

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Navigating the modern suburban life, Lebang Kgosana, a dynamic hip-hop mum of six, has seamlessly blended her personal and professional passions.
At just 33, Lebang has carved out a unique niche in the podcasting world with her show, “Life with Lebang,” focusing on providing support and insights to new parents. We met her at Smile 919, a prominent commercial radio station in Johannesburg, to discuss her journey and her upcoming appearance at the SA Podcast and Music Festival in June.

A Roller Coaster Of Energy
Meeting Lebang is akin to riding a roller coaster of vibrant energy. Our rendezvous in the lobby of 35 Ferguson Place set the stage for an engaging conversation. Even amidst the hustle of her 12 to 3 radio show, Lebang’s infectious enthusiasm made it clear why she stands out in the crowded space of content creation. Her passion for “Life with Lebang” and its potential to become an integral part of everyday life for new parents is palpable.

The Healing Power of Podcasting
Lebang’s journey into podcasting began as an extension of her first love, radio. Over the past two years, “Life with Lebang” has become a source of healing for both her and her audience. “Podcasting has allowed me to enter the healing space,” she says, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits it offers. Her work at CliffCentral, South Africa’s leading podcast hub, has been instrumental in shaping her approach to content creation.

Consistency: The Key to Success
As a seasoned content producer and owner of a production company, Lebang underscores the importance of consistency in podcasting. She advises new content creators that while the initial excitement is high, maintaining regular episodes is crucial. “You owe it to your audience to show up every week or whenever you agree,” she asserts. This commitment to her listeners has been a cornerstone of “Life with Lebang’s” success.

Targeting a Niche Audience
“Life with Lebang” caters specifically to new parents, offering a blend of advice, support, and shared experiences. She describes her product as “selling healing,” a concept that resonates deeply with her niche audience. Her ability to identify and connect with her audience serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring podcasters. “It’s very inspiring to see that Lebang has identified her audience as well as her niche,” notes one admirer.

Upcoming Engagements
Lebang’s influence continues to grow, and she is eager to share her knowledge and experience with others. She will be a prominent figure at the SA Podcast and Music Festival on June 14 and 15, 2024.

There, she aims to network and mentor emerging podcasters, fostering a new generation of content creators. Speaking with Authentic Peace about podcasting, she highlights the importance of community and support within the industry.

Living Life to the Fullest
Lebang Kgosana epitomizes living life to the fullest. Her roles as a mother, content creator, and hip-hop enthusiast blend seamlessly into a life rich with creativity and communication. For those looking to delve deeper into her world, visiting her website and attending the SA Podcast and Music Festival are excellent starting points.

Lebang Kgosana’s story is a testament to the power of community in the digital age. Through her podcast, “Life with Lebang,” she has created a supportive space for new parents, proving that the internet can indeed be a community where healing and connection thrive.

To get a more in-depth look at her insights and energy, be sure to check out the accompanying five-minute video that supports this article.

Visit Lebang Kgosanas website at http://lebangkgosana.com/

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