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Jon Savage

Jon Savage is a recognized leader in the podcasting industry, best known for founding the Africa Podcast Network, the continent’s most extensive podcast network. This pioneering effort has significantly contributed to the medium’s growth within Africa’s rapidly changing digital environment. Jon’s achievements in this field have been acknowledged through various awards, including four Loeries for his work with MashLab, three South African Music Awards, and a global innovator spotlight by SXSW in 2018.

In addition to his pioneering work with the Africa Podcast Network, Jon has played pivotal roles across the industry, including serving as the CEO of InBroadcasting and as the Head of Content at award winning creative agency, Have You Heard. His career is distinguished by its diversity, with significant contributions as a director, content strategist, podcaster, and musician, showcasing his broad talents and dedication to his craft.

Expanding his passion for supporting creators further, Jon is also the Co-founder of AMPD Studios, Africa’s largest empowerment hub. This initiative is dedicated to creating opportunities for emerging content creators, reflecting his commitment to nurturing new talent in the industry.

Moreover, Jon is at the forefront of innovation as a co-founder of Podium, a groundbreaking podcasting monetization app currently under development, aimed at transforming the global podcasting landscape.

Jon’s work embodies a blend of creativity, innovation, and leadership, making significant impacts on the podcasting world both in Africa and globally.

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