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Gogo Skhotheni

Thokoza, Gogo Skhotheni, aged 28, hails from Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, a town steeped in ancestral traditions. Embracing my calling as a Gobela, I work with amathwasa, ancestors, and spirits, continuing my family’s legacy.

“The name Gogo Skhotheni comes from an elder known for traversing the bush, helping and hunting,” explains Gogo Skhotheni. My spiritual journey began unexpectedly after a transformative encounter on my sober birthday seven years ago. Previously Christian, I now honor my ancestors with respect and pride.

I cherish family, being my daddy’s girl in a home of four brothers. Though my mother was initially apprehensive, she now supports my path, having a familial understanding of ancestral traditions.

My joy lies in guiding others on this challenging yet rewarding journey. Initiating individuals who, in turn, initiate others brings immense fulfillment. However, misconceptions about my work persist, fueled by its visible success and busy nature.

Despite challenges, like navigating various languages during ceremonies, I’ve embraced diversity, even initiating individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Amidst the pandemic, my focus shifted to online platforms, aiding those in need. I’m grateful for the support and look forward to continuing this meaningful service with dignity.

Thank you for supporting Gogo Skhotheni; together, let’s serve with honorĀ andĀ compassion.

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