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Gina Margaret Tiger

Gina Margaret Tiger : Head of Video Marketing at The Ethical Agency

Gina Margaret Tiger is a dynamic force in the digital marketing world, known for her resilience, innovation, and commitment to ethical practices. Gina’s journey from humble beginnings to industry leader is a testament to her determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

As the Head of Video Marketing at TEA, Gina began her career as a website designer, quickly rising through the ranks to earn internships with prominent agencies like ROI DIGITAL then, where she learned SEO and business strategy under respected mentors. Gina’s experience and expertise led her to found Be Digital, a creative agency that offers a range of 360 degree digital marketing services.

Gina’s impact extends beyond her agency work. She is the creator of “A 1000 Voices Podcast,” a self-help series that explores themes of self-love, healing, and personal development. With over 55 episodes featuring personal stories and interviews with successful figures, the podcast has gained a strong following. Additionally, she serves as Director of Marketing at Ojimah, a travel tech solution, where she continues to push the boundaries of digital marketing.

In recognition of her contributions to the industry, Gina was honored as one of the Top 25 Exceptional Women In Digital. She has also been a speaker at major conferences, such as the annual Digiconfex in Malaysia, where she discussed video marketing. Gina is also the APVA Awards Host and South Africa Country Representative, further cementing her role as a key influencer in the industry.

Gina Margaret Tiger’s journey is a powerful story of perseverance, innovation, and success. Her work continues to inspire and pave the way for a new generation of leaders in the digital marketing space.

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