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Gavin Kennedy

Gavin Kennedy has been involved in radio and television broadcasting and production since the early 1990s and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the exciting transition from analogue tapes to a fully digital Internet-enabled, multimedia environment. Gavin’s journey includes being joint owner of a television and audio post-production and outside broadcast facility while also assisting in the establishment of numerous community radio stations (e.g. Mix FM, BUWA, East Wave), a community TV station (Soweto Community TV), while also pioneering in-store radio and television for clients such as Ster Kinekor, Edcon, and Harmony Gold.

In the mid-20-teens, Gavin noticed he’d totally stopped listening to radio — and was instead listening almost exclusively to podcasts. A survey of family, friends, and clients at that time revealed a massive dearth of awareness of what a podcast was, let alone encountering people who were listening to them. As for finding locally produced podcasts, those were as scarce as hens’ teeth.

This gap in the market prompted Gavin to initially revamp an entire floor of his building in Randburg, and several additional studios, intended only for recording podcasts, were built. He subsequently converted the entire 2 storey building into podcast and audiobook studios.

Since then, it’s been a fun and crazy ride as podcasts entered an exponential growth phase, and businesses, individuals, and organisations realised the power of podcasts and started experimenting in the digital audio space. A natural extension to the offering was the inclusion of end-to-end audiobook production and publishing.

In addition to making their 11 studios available for self-produced podcasters, Solid Gold provides a podcast concierge service to hundreds of clients, ranging from SMEs to large multinational organisations.

Gavin’s vision is to be the podcast and audiobook partner of choice and his mission is to help people and organisations #BeHeard through quality, creative storytelling.

Solid Gold Podcasts has produced thousands of podcasts for hundreds of podcast channels and, with 11 professional studios, is the largest podcast creative space in South Africa.

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