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Introducing the Artist of Week:

8Click Sniper

SA Podcast and Music Festival proudly introduces our first Artist of the Week: Abenathi Mramba, known to the world as 8Click Sniper. Born in the year 2000 and hailing from the serene town of Qumbu in the Eastern Cape, Abenathi’s affinity for music ignited early in his upbringing under the nurturing care of his grandmother. It was here that his love for rap music began to take root, setting the stage for his remarkable journey ahead.

In 2017, driven by an unwavering determination to carve a path in the music industry, Abenathi made the pivotal move to Johannesburg, specifically settling in Tembisa within Phomolong. This relocation marked a crucial chapter in his pursuit of musical excellence, where he immersed himself fully in honing his craft.

The Artist released his debut track, Ityala, signaling his arrival as a new voice in South African music. The positive reception fueled Abenathi’s ambition, propelling him to delve deeper into his artistry. This dedication bore fruit in 2023 when he unveiled his inaugural EP, INKATHAZO REBORN, a collection of 8 tracks that affirmed his lyrical prowess and artistic vision.

Beyond being a rapper, Abenathi Mramba embodies the ethos of 8Click Sniper, a brand that resonates with authenticity and creative ingenuity. His odyssey from Qumbu to Johannesburg serves as a testament to his resilience and unyielding passion for music.

8Click Sniper Music Video

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Nicolas Regisford
Festival Director

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